Animal Feeding

Feed the Animals with Farmer George!

Want to Get Out in the Pasture? George Feeds Every Night At Sundown! Take a Quick Ride in the Mule or Truck! See the Goats and Sheep Up Close! Get Close to Mother Nature!




Egg Gathering

We Have Multiple Chicken Breeds to Give Us These Colors




Q: Do you know how to predict what color of an egg a chicken will lay?

A: It’s the same as the color of the chicken’s ears!

Q: How can you tell when an egg has gone bad?

A: Fill a sink full of tepid water. Put eggs in a sink. If they float, they have gone bad!

Q: How often does a hen lay an egg?

A: Almost every day!

Q: Will a hen lay if she experiences less than 14 hours a day of daylight?

A: No. To keep a hen laying when the days get short, lighting has to come on in the hen house to keep her laying throughout the winter!



Star Gazing

Bring Your Telescope & Stay With Us!

You Can Always find the Big Dipper in the Summer Night Sky!

It Starts in the Norwest and travels to the Southwest Every Summer!

At Wakefield Farms, We are far Enough from Houston, College Station and Austin to Escape their Light Pollution.

Although the Small Communities Around us Produce some, it is still Not Significant Enough to Obscure Constellations and Planets!