-Covered Porches on each Cottage

  • Seating & Lounging
  • Extraordinary Farm Views

–Private Parking at your Cottage

  • For 2 Vehicles in Cottages for 2 and 4 vehicles in Cottage for 4!
  • Parking for Trucks & Trailers during Round Top Antiques Festival!
  • Free EV Charging, Level 2

-Walk the Farm

  • You may Walk anywhere except the Fenced Animal Pasture
  • We do not spray Herbicides or Pesticides on our Pastures

-Gather Eggs!

Do you know what color of an egg a chicken will lay?

It’s the same as the color of the chicken’s ears!

How often does a hen lay an egg?

Almost every day!

Will a hen lay if she gets less than 14 hours a day of daylight?

No. With short days, artificial lighting is used in the hen house to help her!

How can you tell when an egg has gone bad?

–Sunset Viewing on the highest hill’s summit!

  • 2 Adirondack Chairs with a Table for your Refreshments
  • Fabulous Sunset Vista not to be Missed!

–Star Gazing

  • Bring Your Telescope
  • Our Outdoor Lighting is “Dark Sky” Lighting
  • We Escape most Light Pollution from Houston, College Station, & Austin & Brenham.